External Venetian Blinds

Contribute dramatically to energy savings
in buildings by blocking sunlight from the outside

Product list



Upper-storage Slats type
The slim unit design matches any building.



Lower-storage Slats type
A sophisticated design accentuating the horizontal lines of the slats.

Features of ECOSHADE

Achieve energy savings and comfort.
The key to reducing CO² is here

Ecoshade limits increases in perimeter temperatures by blocking sunlight outside of windows, resulting in energy savings of approximately 20-30%. Light reflected by the adjustable slats on the external venetian blinds reaches deep into the interior, creating a cozy interior atmosphere. Safety in strong winds has been significantly improved over conventional products.

Wind resistance

A wind tunnel experiment using a partial model and a full-scale outdoor experiment were conducted to analyze the wind velocity characteristics acting on the slats. The results clearly demonstrated that the slats could adequately withstand strong winds.

Wind tunnel experiment model
Wind tunnel experiment model

Sunlight blocking ability

Interior blinds of the same color as the external blinds were installed indoors, and the inner window surface temperature was photographed using a thermocamera. The interior blinds reached temperatures of over 40°C in contrast to the exterior blinds, which were slightly above room temperature.

Analysis and evaluation: Inoue Laboratory, Tokyo University of Science

Analysis and evaluation: Inoue Laboratory, Tokyo University of Science

Typical systems


Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art


Nikken Sekkei Building

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ECO SHADE works.

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