The slim unit design matches any building.

The vertical rail channels have been made as narrow as possible, allowing for unobstructed views. The slim frame and stylishness when the slats are stowed away were designed to harmonize with buildings.


Slats in
horizontal position

Slats controlling light

Slats blocking light

Typical installation : Ecoshade ETD

Design range

  • Ecoshade width: 1,000-1,800 mm
  • Ecoshade height: 1,000-4,000 mm
  • Open area of single window ≤ 7.0 m²
  • Note: Please inquire about other sizes.


  • Material: Aluminum extrusions
    (slats and guide rails)
  • Color: Silver (anodized finish)
  • Motor: 100V AC (50/60 Hz, single phase), 2A max.

Installation conditions and precautions

  1. Maximum building height: 31m
  2. Maintenance scaffolding or a swing stage must be available.
  3. Must be linked to a wind sensor to protect against strong winds.
  4. Slats must be stowed in strong winds.
  5. Interior wiring and ducting work is not included.
  6. The power supply must be equipped with a dedicated earth leakage circuit breaker.


  1. A wind sensor is available as an optional item.
  2. Electrical operation only.
  3. Please inquire about alternative colors to the standard color mentioned above.
  4. Please inquire for further detail.
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